Summer Camps With Real Teachers
We run convenient, fun, and creative summer camps on school campuses across the US.

Summer Camp Should Be Taught By Teachers

You’ve spent years learning how to find the spark in each child and every summer a variety of programs or 2nd jobs try and nickle and dime you for your experience and skill.

At Curious Camps, we put teachers in charge and pay them more than they would make during the school year for doing what they do best. No tech, coding, STEM experience required. We already know that teachers also happen to make some of the best learners.

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What Are We Looking For?
Growth Mindset

Our teachers understand that they can learn anything if they put their mind to it, practice, and get support when they need it.

Technically Minded

Are you a computer using educator? Do you love learning online? Perfect, you might be a great fit.

Life-long Learner

We support teachers that aim to acquire new skills or sharpen skills they already have, regardless of experience.

Project Based

Do you teach using projects in your class already? Do you see the value in having your students make something instead of doing a test? We agree.


We take care of enrollment, planning, and all of the logistics but utlimately, you run the camp. You’re in charge and in control and we’re here to help.

Our Values

Teachers are regularly undervalued. Not with us. Teachers come first and are paid fairly for their talents, skills, and contribution.


Our teachers can always see behind the magic curtain to understand every aspect of what we do, how we do it, and why.


We listen. To Teachers, to schools, to parents to figure out what we can do better and apply what we hear to constantly improving.

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Our founding team has worked in schools, served teachers, students, and parents and understands the magical power of a fantastic teacher. We know that great teachers change lives. Our mission is to give them the stage to do so in a relaxed and fun setting where they can shine, students can learn, and they earn the money they deserve.

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